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Synchronizing an already made transcript

In this tutorial we're gonna see how to use the new text pipe feature to synchronize an already made transcript.

1) Creating the project

The first thing to do is of course to create a new project. To get more details about this process, follow the first part of the "Making a transcript of your favourite TV series with VisualSubSync" tutorial.
So here we are, our new project is created :

Creating a new project

2) Loading the transcript

It's now time to load our transcript. For that we use the Edit>Text pipe>Load text pipeā€¦ menu.

Loading text pipe

You can load raw text file or rtf files. Here we choose a raw text file :

Browsing for the script

Ok, the text pipe is loaded, we are now ready for the synchronization :

Ready for synchro.

3) The synchronization

First we select the subtitle in the WAV display part. (1)
Then we select the matching text in the text pipe. (2)

Text and WAV selection

Finally we right click in the text pipe and choose Add text from pipe (it's recommended to add a shortcut and use it for maximum efficiency) :

Adding subtitle from pipe

As you see the subtitle has been added, and we see it with the same color in both the WAV display and the text pipe.

First subtitle added

And here is what we have we some more subtitles :

Some more subtitles added

When you add a subtitle from the text pipe you have different auto-something options :
Others auto-something options

  • Auto-colorize text : the text is colorized with the same color as in the WAV display.
  • Auto-delete text : the text is deleted from the text pipe.
  • Auto-delete all text before : the text and all the text above is deleted from the text pipe. The last option can be very usefull to work quickly as this way the text is automatically scrolled.

Something else important to notice is that VisualSubSync works on a copy of the transcript saved at the same place as the project. The script is saved under the name projectname.vssscript


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